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Twitter Game on Point: Strombone1

If your not in the realm of hockey fandom than I wouldn’t expect many to know who this account belongs to. If you have any exposure to the Vancouver Canucks than you’ll know who I’m speaking of. To those who don’t; his name is Roberto Luongo, former #1 Canucks goalie, Team Canada member for 3 winter Olympics, multiple Northwest division titles, many trophy awards and nominations, and most importantly the goalie who cruised the team to the Stanley playoffs. I know many people devalue and underestimate his talent and worth as an elite goalie, but looking at his stats he’s consistently in the top ten for goal % (dropping outside the top ten only a few times). During Luongo’s finals few years, post-stanley finals, the media did a tip top job of ripping him apart and more than likely contributing to the drama that was unfolding between the coaches and owners of how to play out this media storm that was created around their #1 goalie and his underwhelming return to the game since the play-offs. Vancouver city certainly showed its passion for the sport, look how happy they were during the 2010 Olympics, but 2011 showed an ugly side to the world. I had friends over in Latvia telling me their news were reporting about the riots that broke out after game 7 in Vancouver after Canucks lost their lead and cup to the Boston Burins, LATIVA! Tim Hortons all over BC changed the name of the Boston Cream Donuts to Vancouver Cream Donuts. It had been ten years since the Canucks had made the finals and the whole northeast, and eventually country (canada vs usa 4ever, lol) were backing this hockey fevered city team. The way I’ve looked at it, the Canucks have been recovering from that playoff since. Boston both mentally and physically destroyed many of the players. The city needed someone to blame and they chose their Olympic hero, Luongo because in the mind of many “why couldn’t he do what he did for Canada for the Canucks?” the feeling of betrayal was real for fans. I was more upset with how the media, fans, players, and coaches didn’t do everything they could to bring the balance of team moral back and straight up tell news outlets to “shut it!”

I think what Luongo has done in terms of media savyness is pure brilliant. He’s created this direct line of communication to fans of the sport for a more candid relationship. If you read his tweets it’s pure hockey comedy. He laughs at himself, with other players, and random current event news snippets (i.e. using kim kardashian’s “breaking the internet” photo to photoshop a goalie stick being held in her butt) so well I think it surprises many who find his account considering how much the media love tearing into his skills as a goalie. He’s kept his twitter account relatively unknown for the longest time, many were curious to find out if this @Strombone1 was a hockey player or not as he kept his profile posts pretty cryptic and his profile picture is an outline of a blacked-out goalie (still is) for the longest time. In terms of NHL twitter rankings, this does exist, he’s again in the top ten (#5).

Tell me your not laughing
Tell me your not laughing

I’m never sure what kind of point or purpose I have when I’m writing a post that’s discussing a public figure other than trying to express in a clear way how I’ve interpreted the information provided and the information I intentionally seek out. There’s always going to opposing opinions on various public figures in the world and my goals (philosophy sounds too contrived for me to use just yet) are always to try and take in stories from both ends and digest them at my will. This is also my way of saying that I just got “writer’s block” regarding this post and lost my train of thought while writing… let’s blame kim.k shall we?? he he he.   Update: I totally forgotten that I had written this post, its a little (a lot) late but I still wanted to post it. I did a double check to see if Luongo is still actively using his active and he is, just not the same volume as previously.