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The Russell Brand Effect: Socially Engaging Politics

I think everyone can agree for the most part that politics are a very confusing, murky, heated and boring topic to engage in. Especially when the legal jargon used have the majority population scratching their ears because they’ve lost the context of the subject being discussed. I find it difficult to watch any traditional news media outlet to provide me with the most transparent information available because there is a certain level of fear to each institutions department. Along with all that news needs an angle, but that’s usually away from what needs to be pointed out. Because when there is that phantom hand clenching hundreds ($$$) in the hand ready to squash any employee which doesn’t align with their criteria, why try to deviate from the plan? And why should there be? You choose that company as your workplace and career path because you believe they hold similar beliefs as you do.

I also believe (more like I need to) that people are becoming more engaged in issues concerning their livelihood, community, and prosperity. Social media has become a new means to presenting transparent information. Many young adult novels written in a dyspotian/post-apocalyptic style has readers learning to recognize the signs of politics gone wrong. I think it’s fair to ask why the Walmart family is #8-#11 on Forbes billionaires with a combined net worth of 245 BILLION and growing still when the average household in america is about $52,000 ….. $52,000 to $245,000,000,000 just blows my mind. But that a whole different discussion, and off topic.

I loved Russell as a comedian, and I enjoy seeing his efforts on the political front for his fellow British citizens in need. He has a flare for the drama, as you can see in his television appearances and biographic novels. You can clearly tell from reading them that he wrote them at the most, or at the least had a strong involvement. You can tell when a person has a love for words as they use them to an excessive amount. Best way for me to describe Russell style of writing as it being similar to giving a toddler some paint by number project, but instead of following the numbered colour to paint with, the Toddler spends an extra 20 minutes creating an elaborate (different) colour to work in that provided part of the painting. “Same Difference” essentially. It’s in this manner which I think many people look to dismiss what he tries to get across. The execution may be shaky, but his goal stays the same. Engaging the public who want to be herd but your standard parameters won’t accept them to be valid under their rules, ideals, and expectations. Like open field battles vs guerrilla warfare; your expected on the open field and should you run a muck with guerrilla style tactics  it is dishonorable or not respectful enough to be acknowledged. That may be a poorly outdated example, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

I think that’s the beauty many people see in YouTube. You don’t have to ask permission to make a video, you just put it on the website to exist. Where as news outlets require some upper management level exec. to give the thumbs up. This new generation of youth where they’re constantly surrounded by technology gives them the opportunity to come across a news story which otherwise wouldn’t have been placed on traditional newsstands. That’s the beauty of Net Neutrality, the downside of it…. sounds boring and confusing. This is where I would say watching John Oliver comes in handy. He’ll break down the most confusing and elaborate piece of information to the point where teenagers could get the point he’s trying to tell. HBO was brilliant with posting episode segments to youtube as well,

Doesn’t hurt either that these comedians deliver  their news pieces with a dark humour that leaves me in stitches as least.

What I take away from Russell’s “Trew News” is that he want citizens to become engaged in matters affecting their community, use alternative means outside the prescribed norms to get out the message, and understand it’s not a matter of squashing one group of people to better another rather its making sure the companies and institutes that need to be held accountable are, instead of just a “compromise” that unnecessarily has people without the means to pick up the pieces to do so and then when they can’t afford that, beat them with a bat….. figuratively.

I posted three videos below from Russell’s youtube channels which follow a housing situation that occurred, there are more videos regarding new era estates. This group of 93 families from this housing estate were able to push out a multinational billion dollar property development corporation from uprooting them. They were successful!

Russell's banner image for his youtube channel
Russell’s banner image for his youtube channel

I’m unsure of how many other people feel about Russell Brand’s voyage into the political world, but for me I find his Trew’s episode to be helpful for me with filling in gaps in combination with other news related articles I may come across.

Just recently Russell was put on Prospects list of “World’s great thinkers.”