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As the title has stated, and if it weren’t obvious from the sheer lack of content on this page; this is my new blog. I’m not sure how to proceed into worded conversations in such casual manners that I’ve seen other bloggers achieve, so I’ll just pause right now so we can all hear the crickets chirp….

Well! glad we got over that introduction. If you’ve forgotten already, my name is Emma, no worries I forget names as quickly as they were told to me. I’ve started this blog (and soon to come youtube channel) as an experiment for myself as I see my coming winter holiday to be a right dull one that needs some sort of intellectual stimulation. Along with filling this void called life with various activities, I also saw this time as a chance to create a space where I can put thoughts and opinions out onto the world wide web (aka www) with some off chance someone else might see this and find me vaguely interesting. I may also provide this to some future employer as proof that I’m capable of creating online content.

What I’ll discuss here will be a variety of subjects that I can fill plenty of space with, or depending on how this all goes a video in conjunction to my blog posts. I have a wide range of subjects that keep my mind occupied; food, current events, entertainment, sports, books, dogs, weather, travel, school, and how much advertising I’m exposed to on the daily. Which is what I think I’ll make my first youtube video on (whenever that happens), “what channels I watch.” Hopefully my writing and video skills will become more refined as this journey goes on. I’ll just consider all this my new years resolution.

My expectations of this “journey” is to create a better idea of how I’d like my life to be, As huge as that sounds, like an umbrella of many subcategories, lets narrow that down to my career path. I’ve been in post-secondary school for way too long (5 year degree European History, and now in the works a BBA for marketing/management) for me not to have this figured out. I do have an idea, but I don’t want to jinx it by writing/saying it out loud. Let’s just hope this blog does the trick. I know this will initially be seen by my close friends and family members so…. Hello! if you’d like to share some ideas for posts let me know.

I’m going to stop here so I can work on making this page look more visually exciting, we’ll see how that goes, and when my first youtube video is completed I’ll be sure to make that breaking news here. Toodles