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My Top 3 Holiday Movies

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

If I’m completely honest though, Christmas is a nightmare. It’s calmer now as my family are now for the most part “mature”, responsible grownups. But let’s be real, the minute any family comes together for the holidays its anarchy and chaos… too much for me to handle. This formula might have worked when my house was filled with toddlers to children, but now it’s a complete moot of a holiday. I’ll be surprised if we have a turkey dinner, key word is turkey. We always have a dinner; I’d just like to know if it will be a turkey dinner. While I was in university I generally stayed at school cause a couple other friends, if I’m lucky roommates, would be staying as well and we’d keep each other company. Plus, I didn’t want to come home, I was in Hawaii that’s a holiday right there. I only returned once and that was because the previous year there was a massive snow fall and I’ve wanted a white Christmas for years! Did I get one? No!

Wish this was my tree...
Wish this was my tree…

A bit of a side track but one of my favourite Christmases was a friend of mine was staying in the dorms over winter break as well, Darcy*. We agreed to have a Christmas brunch on the beach. We made this amazing cold pasta salad, fruit salad, paired with some delicious “sparkling juice”. We cheered and ate, then afterwards Darcy* pulled out her Ukulele!! We sat on the beach watching the ocean and singing whatever songs she knew how to play. I think later in the evening we went up North Shore and had a dinner with our roommates, can’t say 100% sure if it was Xmas day. It was mainly our early Christmas day brunch that I have fond memories of from that year (first xmas away from home too)… ah memories.

Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Brunch was the bomb!
Brunch was the bomb!

Back to what the purpose of this blog is. Movies. Now I know there are the usual suspects: Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas, etc. and they’re all good. It’s not like I’m not going to watch them (some of them I have already), but it’s these three below that I’m feeling most in the mood for this season.

Love Actually: You cannot have a Christmas without Hugh Grant being in there somewhere. His charming, beguiling mannerism is almost unbearable, but fits his character suitably. I could list off why each actor is so well suited for each character they play but I sum up this movie as filling my optimistic jar. It’s like there’s a hallucinogenic in the air and everyone breathing it are waiting for something to happen… anything…waiting…is only the air in the UK affected? Bah!


Bridget Jones Diary: Bridget speaks to me. I wish I could say it’s like she’s expressing and going through everything I feel, but real life does have some variations. She’s not too far off the mark though! Hahaha, I made a pun. Again Hugh Grant… and Colin Firth! I have a slight fascination with British culture…


Harry Potter: Their release dates themselves have become synonymous with winter holidays as they were generally premiered in the November time period, so during school holidays it was straight to the movie theaters all children went. The movie’s themselves always have amazing “happy Christmas” scenes with snow, decorations, and…. not going home for the holidays!! (Right there with you Harry!)


Hope everyone has an amazing holiday no matter how they spend it! Mele kalikimaka

If that doesn’t get you throwin’ tinsel on your tree there’s always Michael Bublé.

A Message to Sony: The Interview

Dear Sony,

I feel as though your eyes have been covered by $$$ during these trialing times leading up to the release of the movie “The Interview.” We see your dilemma, but I’d like to offer you a solution: release the movie online. These hackers seem to have their own synchronized plan of what information is to be released. Increasingly becoming more invasive and more embarrassing. I understand these emails were private and never meant to be seen by anyone other than the recipient and that censoring one’s own emails should never be anyone’s concern. Unfortunately these are happening. I know there are probably more logistics and safety concerns you have to think about, but the way I see it is this; If they want to use the internet to expose your laundry and use American’s finest business establishment, the media, to their advantage. Take the internet into your own hands! If they want to fuck you online, fuck them back! Release the movie online! Forget about profits, that possibility is gone. However! Once it’s out there, it’s done. Anything else they release just becomes pitiful (and the feds should get that dealt with sooner rather than later). BE BRAVE!! BE DEFIANT!!


p.s. This is just my personal opinion, I’m aware there’re are gonna be flaws so please take what I say with a grain of salt. Thanks