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Jumping on the Bandwagon: Outlander

I have no shame in joining this group of viewers. I think like Game of Thrones more of these medieval style shows with a twist are garnering the attention that otherwise during the noughties reality tv saturation times wouldn’t have succeeded. I was crushed Legend of the Seeker was cancelled, I was just getting into that show when it was cancelled only after 2 seasons. I think one reason these shows are showing more promise is because production companies are researching better into their target market and what network would suit them best to show their series. Game of Thrones with HBO, Reign with CWTV, and Outlander matching up with Starz. They all are styled and produced in differing manners so I can’t say they’re all competing with one another, I don’t watch Reign though because I find CWTV shows all have samiliar formulas with plot lines and castings that undermine anyone over the age of 13’s intelligence.

Outlander is based on the novels written by Diana Galdadon’s of the same name. Wiki says this series is composed of 8 novels as of 2014. Like George R.R.Martin, Diana has also been writing these books since the early 90’s so it has the support from the readers backing the television series as well. They’ve even written a book together. Readers are either your best friend or worst enemy.

The way I see it and understand this belief is that readers have been around their series (serious emotional attachment) years before any studio executive decided to pick up the book for a pilot season, and no one is more loyal to an authors story than a reader. Off the top of my head I’m thinking of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. There’s an american version and a European version. Which is more accurate? The European version because of it’s accuracy to the books, if the american version hadn’t combined/expanded/eliminate/etc. some of the important characters I’m sure they would have received the green light for the sequels as soon as possible. There is talks of a script being written, but I feel like the audience for that is gone. My last critical remark on this topic is the leading actress. Noomi Repace fits Lisbeth Salander’s character amazingly compared to Rooney Mara; from her stature, appearance, to expressing her attitude on the screen, Noomi was how I imagined my Lisbeth Salander from the triology. If you have a free day to marathon this trilogy, set up camp. It’s on Netflix.

This show is definitely has me gunning to the book store to pick up the first of the series. If I’m honest, I’ll wait more than likely till after season 1 finishes because I don’t want to spoil the show for myself… yet. I can hold loyalty to a tv series that’s been adapted from a novel easier if I’ve watch the show without knowing how and whats been deviated from the series. Otherwise I’ll ditch the tv series for just the novel series altogether. I’m just going to watch the show for now (doing multiple re-runs) and  trust that the writers for the show are doing the books justice, and historical accuracy looks to be an important plot to the story but that should all have been taken care of by Diana. For now since I haven’t read the novels yet to form an opinion on the characters I’ll have to try and guess what each person’s trying to emulate.

Claire: I really love how the actress is portraying this character. Claire carries herself in such a self assured way its amazing more female characters aren’t created in this manner and in turn many opportunities for a lead role to be given to a female. It’s also fun to see Claire be presented as a woman with a sexual appetite without it coming across as lewd or shameful, just a natural progression of life. Her medical skills seems to be the one real aspect in her life she’s sure of and have some authority over. Her voice overs discussing her tactics towards survival are fun to hear as well.

Silent determination
Silent determination

Frank/Jack Randall: Looks like Edmure Tully escaped the grasps of Walder Frey. This character is a major reason why I need to read the book. While Frank should be free from guilt of his ancestry’s actions, I feel because its the same actor for both roles it seems like he’s trying to “transcend” some similar traits between the two. So even though I should feel sad for Frank, I kinda dislike him. His behavior is suspect too since his fascination with “Jack Black” looks to me like a distraction for him from his wife… but why?

I'm not the only one to notice
I’m not the only one to notice

James “Jamie” Fraser: How adorable is he? I think this is another character I’ll need to read to better understand his background. He shows tremendous patience towards Claire and a silent determination to survive in an environment that so hostile towards him and his countrymen. A rarity among clansmen of his time frame I’m guessing is how well educated he is, capable of speaking French and Latin (I think), along with his Gaelic and English. His pain tolerance is incredible, there has to be some sort of nerve damage from those lashings!

Excellent Casting
Excellent Casting

Dougal MacKenzie: Does he not look like the bitter younger brother!?!? disregarding his mission for justice for the Scots, he’s quite the jealous character isn’t he? I swear he’s dying to kill his brother and Jamie so he can finally be the true laird of MacKenzie.

He's got a chip on his shoulder
He’s got a chip on his shoulder

Geillis: What is she up to? She is stirring up trouble.

What is she thinking?
What is she thinking?