Random Update

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I’m very much aware that there is little to no activity in terms of WordPress traffic in comparison to fellow writers, I feel as though I shouldn’t even include myself among this group of varied writers just because my lack of presence. I came to point where my personal life needed much attention that in terms of priority I sadly placed this blog low. I have no valid excuse. I will make an effort to write a post, no matter the subject. It’s almost therapeutic to take these thoughts out of my mind and into word format.

However short lived my streak of consistently posting blog articles, I learned quite a bit.

  • My writing style needs maturing, I’m 26 for flip sake!
  • My photography skills can always improve, can’t keep referencing other people images
  • I need to focus more

I love going to boredpanda.com
It’s composed of a variety of articles submitted by various people on topics that interest them. There’s a slew of travel photos that make me envious and wish I could just be done with school and go! I still have a few more Hawaii related posts in my archive that I’ve just left alone, so that needs addressing. An event that I attended this summer was the Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival. It was amazing! I wish I took my camera, but it was very last minute. Spent an entire day just watching these giant men toss, lift, throw an assortment of throwing implements. It was my first, but not last time attending. I’ll be sure to document that in the spring. I do have a couple trips in mind that I’d like to document and share. Las Vegas in December and New York in April/May. Hopefully I can curate a nice blend of city and country adventures, but here I go again losing focus on the whole point of this post. So I’ll finish on this image that has my dying to do a road trip on the PCH.

p.s. Such a fan of Zoe London’s blog, her writing is what I’d like to aspire to. http://www.zoelondon.me/

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