Photography: King Tut Exhibition Pt.3

Now Entering King Tut’s tomb…

'12 summer new camera 422

'12 summer new camera 423

'12 summer new camera 424

'12 summer new camera 425

'12 summer new camera 426
Entering the “Chamber”… Hi Dad

'12 summer new camera 427

'12 summer new camera 428

'12 summer new camera 430
“What do you see?” “Wonderful things.” not the exact moment those sentiments were spoken, but image reminds of it.

'12 summer new camera 434

'12 summer new camera 436
“Magic Chalice”- Alabaster oil lamp
'12 summer new camera 440
Same couch from the image behind it, resting on top of the cheetah bed

'12 summer new camera 441

'12 summer new camera 442
Golden Leopard Head
'12 summer new camera 444
Alabaster vase or perfume flask
'12 summer new camera 446
The Ankh is a representation of life, so it’s cool to look at this piece and thing life is reaching out for you.

It’s actually an Ankh candle holder. Discovered by the Anubis shrine along with four others in similar fashion, with glyphs’ dictating a spell to “repel the enemy of Osiris in whatever form he may come.”

'12 summer new camera 448
Cartouche box
'12 summer new camera 450
ceremonial jewelry

more still to come…

random update: I’ve noticed some of my featured images and others that I’ve used in previous posts have gone. I did a clear out of my media library, just to de-clutter, and that must caused this issue. I’ll work on fixing this issue over the week. Sorry for the lack luster posts at this time. This will be fixed! 


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