Midterm and Finals Study Strategy: Annihilation

Sherlock is ratting me out!!
Sherlock is ratting me out!!

Like the rest of the population who think they have better things to do instead of studying before exams (eating, sleeping, watching movies, blogging), there does come a point in all of this when your brain rings the alarm bells “EXAM!! EXAM!!! TOMORROW MORNING YOU HAVE AN EXAM!!” I’m no exception as we speak. I don’t see myself ever having that eureka moment and apply myself to my studies as wholeheartedly as I’d like. The best way I’ve found is to create game plan, a strategy that will make exams less painful. That way when I’ve finished it feels less like a sprint (and being winded) and more like a easy jog.

even looking at these pictures are distracting me! ha ha ha
even looking at these pictures are distracting me! ha ha ha

1) Mark a Calendar:

I’ve never done well with planners, they’re always an out of sight out of mind type of tool for me. Instead I print out generic month calenders, nothing fancy with design or colour. That way when I fill in the days with exams (or assignments) it will stand out loud and clear. This way I’ll only feel the need to glance at it once a week, if that depending on the month.

Blank: fill only with necessary information
Blank: fill only with necessary information

2) Post-it:

Professor never tend to use to whole textbook they assign for their students, and sometimes even jump particular chapters. It’s such a waste of my time to flip through those pages trying to find the particulars. Using post-it tabs to mark the start of reading sections have made studying all the more bearable for me since I no longer get frustrated, annoyed, and put off all together. Make concise words on the tabs that make sense so you’ll know where to look. For example: “ch.1,” “pg.101-15,” “read,” etc.

These are my general go to tabs
These are my general go to tabs

3) Ask Questions:

Professors tend to be forthcoming with exam information. They want you to pass and do well, they’re always a few rotten apples but we’ll pretend they’re not one you currently have (unlucky for me). Asking them particulars about what to expect in the exam will do no harm to anyone. It’s really helpful too when its classes involving formulas or structure charts that need specific details.

  • how many questions?
  • multiple choice? short answer? fill in the blanks? T/F?
  • how much time?
  • what chapters will it cover?

If this is too much to ask, like me as an introvert, email the prof. Quickly though as they might not answer right away and you’ll want to give them a few days or the weekend to reply.

Love these motivational quotes that speak to me
Love these motivational quotes that speak to me

4) Practice! Practice! Practice!

If one of your exams involved writing out formulas as to explain how you got the answer, lots of practice can go a long way. You’ll start recognizing trends and terms used for exact types of equations (ie. balance sheet, cash flow, etc.). Your mind will lock that away in a muscle memory type box. So while your in exams your brain will recognized the words or terms being used and automatically jump into the question. I’m pretty sure that’s how I just passed my finance exams seeing as how I opened the text just 6 hours beforehand. PRACTICE!

gather everything you need... and don't move for until your done!
gather everything you need… and don’t move for until your done!

This last suggestion only works when both you and the person your working with have the intention of studying, any indication of a social hour occurring will ruin these efforts.

5) Study Buddy:

If you have someone to bounce off thoughts and better understanding of concepts discussed, but not fully digested in class its always helpful to have an second head. Asking questions is also helpful because while your partner answers you have to make sure she has it correct, and if not? explanations from the inquirer will be needed and that itself is a type of study tool.

except remove the laptops... they're distracting
except remove the laptops… they’re distracting

What I have found convenient about these tricks is 1-3 take 5 mins each to do, which is appealing to these procrastinator. Take the time to do those and a significant amount of wasted studying time will go away with it. Seeing as I now have an accounting exam coming up I will now put 4&5 to use ad cross my fingers that all goes well.

Ain't this the truth
Ain’t this the truth

Note to self: Google is off limits too….. way too many things on the internet to get distracted from, like these images.

How To Restart Weightlifting

*lifts her pathetically sore arms to commence typing….ouch*

Go Hard in life in general, but start with the gym.
Go Hard in life in general, but start with the gym.

I started weightlifting when I was about 13 years old. I was at a plateau in terms of my throwing abilities and needed some additional training to help it along. My old friend and teammates mother had kept in touch with my town’s throwing coach from the track club who started up his own “athletic” group. Which was a mixture between athletics and weightlifting, varied in size from 2-6 members over it’s 5 year life span. Once I started it was go go go! I ended up competing once or twice at the junior national level, wasn’t my thing though so it never bothered me that I placed 2nd/3rd place at whatever competition I was in. Plus, there were other girls who loved the sport more than I did, so when they performed well it was this contagious excitement energy. Of course they had to wait until the end for celebrations since the lifting wasn’t finished yet.

It’s definitely a different experience travelling for a each sport ; different people, personality, mentality…mainly a heck of a lot more crazy testosterone energy. While there were a couple guys I trained with, I never looked at them in a crush like manner and I grew up in a female dominated household so these kind of encounters with boys were totally off my equilibrium. Plus! I was 16, while most girls my age had boys on the mind I was more concerned about my sport and making sure I kept that up so I would look appealing for some american school to recruit me for their program.


Back to the purpose of this post, I’ve been lifting weights for ages. I think I can comfortably say I’ve got about a decade of experience under my belt. The thing I find interesting about athletics in general is the strive for perfection us athletes have. We’ll never get it, because we generally always view ourselves as “work in progress,” so there isn’t any perfection unless your Nadia at the Montreal Olympics. High five if you got my reference! *smack*

Again, I’ve slipped off. STOP IT EMMA!

Since I’ve returned to school I’ve been slacking on the gym effort more than I should. I get on the treadmill or go on walks at various places in town, but proper weightlifting was benched for a few months. Came back to it this past week, and I’m generally good with taking it easy starting back up. My body has the memory of my peak performance, but the muscles went on vacation so I have to start off on the little weights. Unfortunately to get back in the swing of things I’ve gotten my fellow gym fanatic Nikki* to help get me started and motivated. She on the other hand is like the energizing bunny it’s insane. Works 8-12 at a logging mill 30 minutes away from the school, and workouts for an couple hour, than goes to school from 2-9 and then either hits the gym again or goes swimming… she does this 5 days a week! Definitely makes me feel like I’m not moving enough.

This past week we decided it was time to hit the weights, since the previous week we did circuit training to get the short burst muscles going and just getting the blood pumping through the veins. For re-introductory I did push-press, back squat, leg press, and that machine you pull down the bar for back and shoulder strengthening. I’m not the biggest fan of all those big weight machines. I get they’re good for isolation work, but Olympic weightlifting has your body doing explosive movements that require the lifter to be 100% in control of their body.  A part of having control of your body is being able to read the signs it’d giving you. All that being said, these are a few tricks/tips I try to remind myself when getting back into the swing of things for lifting.

a stretching partner is always good
a stretching partner is always good

1. Long warm ups/downs

I usually spend as much time warming up and cooling down as the whole workout, so if I want to workout for a solid hour than collectively my cool downs and warm ups would total an hour as well. I’m not sure if that sounds extreme time wise because that’s my normal and the reward is a quicker recovery time. Walking on the treadmill before or after does count because I can’t see how effective a jog on the treadmill can help develop endurance and strength when compared to an actual jog.

stretching's good
stretching is good

2. Always start low

I see no shame in starting at a significantly lower weight from what your last proper workout (before the prolonged break) was. The body is waking up again, and even though it’s been through this whole routine a million times it still needs a few sets to gather their wits (yes, muscles have brains :P). Say if your usual start for push press is 30kg, go down to 20kg and have an additional set. Squats starting at 70kg? try 60kg instead.

3. Know when to say stop

I know I’ve had these moments many times when working, because your always given a warning of some sort. The inability to complete a rep, the pinch from a muscle, the body shaking from exhaustion mistaken for adrenaline, etc. My weakness is squats, I always keep going even when I feel the quads tightening and then….I go a pull a butt muscle. This is a constant reminder I need to give myself, otherwise my legs more than likely wouldn’t want to hang out with the rest of me.

Damn... they look thirsty.
Damn… they look thirsty.

4. Keep on Drinking

I’m prone to leg/calf cramps in the middle of the night. I was young when I had my first encounter with this experience so I think it shocked both me and my parents when I woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain. The crux of it all is that the best way to make the cramp is by flexing!! AHH, hate it!! Why the cramps? I know there are many ideas of why they occur, but the one I follow is because the body is dehydrated and the muscles go into a spasm from improper muscle contractions that were caused by dehydration to begin with. Not enough fluids and energy in the body will have it revolt. Drinking as much water as possible is my method, there’s always a new suggested amount of daily water consumption but I just make sure I have a water bottle on stand by at all times of the day.. even in bed, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night thirsty so I’ll search in my bed as I usually have a few lying around.

Just skip to the 50 second mark of the video and it kinda gives you a visual of what I’m talking about.

I wanted to add a clip of my weightlifting, but that’s only possible with the premium blog setting, and I’m only on basic. So the best “action” clip I can provide is a highlight reel of us “wahine warriors” from an old conference competition, I’m the first thrower but watch the whole video if you like. I was top finisher for my team in the event, 3rd overall.

Yes, I grunt.

Mad Love for all the Bloggers!

Just wanted to make a quick post to say I’ve got mad love for all the bloggers out there in WordPress world! Feeling all these feels. Got to say I’ve had no regrets starting this blog or “public journal” I sometimes call it. It’s a challenge to maintain a steady output of posts, but also developing a personal identity through my writing. Pretty sure every blogger out there has felt this kind of challenge, so to that I say BE MY VALENTINE AND WRITE ON!!

Photography: The King Tut Exhibition Part. 4

Since I’ve been working on restoring some of the photos I lost while clearing out the media library on my account I’ve been pondering about the amounts of photos I’ve been uploading for these King Tut posts. Upon reflect of what I thought was a decent amount of photos for each post (15-20) I’m starting to feel like its insufficient in volume. I’m not sure what’s considered a good number, let me know below what you’d considered to be a fair share. So in this post I’m going to try and complete this series of King Tut Exhibition. If there are any stragglers I’ll figure out come way, but for now let’s assume this is the last post for this series and ENJOY!

'12 summer new camera 452

'12 summer new camera 453

(I think) It’s a headrest

'12 summer new camera 454 '12 summer new camera 458

Alabaster “Ungent Vessel”

'12 summer new camera 463

'12 summer new camera 464 '12 summer new camera 465

Wooden Chair, used by the king. The details of the legs being shaped to look like hounds legs is very cool to me.

'12 summer new camera 475

Miniature figures
'12 summer new camera 476

Small boat, for the king’s use in the afterlife. (It’s meant to transform into a life size boat)

'12 summer new camera 481

Canopic Stopper, view 1

'12 summer new camera 478

Canopic Stopper, view 2: apart of the canpoic jars which held the pharaoh’s major organs in 4 separate containers. Intended to resemble the buried pharaoh, there are alternative theories which believe this bust were meant for another royal burial, but allocated because of the abrupt nature of this young kings death.

'12 summer new camera 485

One of the four miniature sarcophagi from the canopic vases.

'12 summer new camera 486

'12 summer new camera 490

Statue of Soped

'12 summer new camera 494

One of two ear rings

'12 summer new camera 497

'12 summer new camera 499

Wooden Chest

'12 summer new camera 502'12 summer new camera 507

Image above: Golden Flabellum, ceremonial fan used to provide the pharaoh with shade and a breeze for a relief from Egypt’s arid desert.

'12 summer new camera 508

Golden Finger/Toe Stalls: wore by the deceased pharaoh as a way to protect them from mortality and decay. Gold never tarnishes, so it was used to represent the immortal flesh of the gods. (which is what the pharaoh’s believed themselves to be)

'12 summer new camera 510

Golden Sandals: The pair which were originally found on the body on King tut in his coffin. Written beneath the sandals would be a prayer for all pharaoh’s essentially saying “may he trample/walk over all enemies he may come across”

'12 summer new camera 512'12 summer new camera 514

Burial amulets: found within the linen folds of King Tut’s linen wraps.

'12 summer new camera 516

Gold necklace with scarab details

'12 summer new camera 519'12 summer new camera 521

Emblem of Anubis

'12 summer new camera 528'12 summer new camera 525

Golden necklace and amulets: buried within King Tut’s coffin on his body wrapped within the linens. These treasures were meant to help identify the pharaoh in the afterlife of his significance. Amulets apart of the mix used as protection for the young king.

'12 summer new camera 530

An important part of a pharaoh’s burial was the glyph’s dictating the burial ceremony from the book of the dead. The above image is after all the proper mummification  of the body has occurred, but before the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony. That act is usually done by his heir, but because of his youth and no apparent heir the position was filled in by his highest ranking official; the Vizier. Many archaeologist have debated whether or not he was behind the death of the young pharaoh.

'12 summer new camera 523

Above Image: other various images on the walls on Tut’s tomb also depict his everyday life or acts he’s done in his time.

I truly love ancient Egyptian history and all the mystery it holds. I was really close to switching majors over to anthropology because of my studies in school in regards to Egyptian hieroglyphics. I was even accepted into  the summer program my professor runs over in Egypt, a archaeological dig at an oasis on the outskirts of Cairo where the Nile delta had previously ran through. Unfortunately that same year Egypt was going through some major political unrest and rioting in the city center with females being targeted for no unjustly reason. The field project was narrowed down to essential bodies only, safety concerns were always present, and he even hired a private militia to guard the worker’s house at night and dig sites during the day. I was gutted.

Upon inspection of my photos I’ve decided I’ve got the skill level of a busy family dad whose trying to juggle the baby in the carrier, one in the stroller with and ice cream cone melting all over their fingers, and another one tugging his hand trying to get smallest bit of attention. So I take as many photos possible with varying angle degrees in hopes one of them will work. Thank god for digital camera sometimes. Going to work on this skill, for nothing less than pure satisfaction of elevating my photography skills.


Jumping on the Bandwagon: Outlander

I have no shame in joining this group of viewers. I think like Game of Thrones more of these medieval style shows with a twist are garnering the attention that otherwise during the noughties reality tv saturation times wouldn’t have succeeded. I was crushed Legend of the Seeker was cancelled, I was just getting into that show when it was cancelled only after 2 seasons. I think one reason these shows are showing more promise is because production companies are researching better into their target market and what network would suit them best to show their series. Game of Thrones with HBO, Reign with CWTV, and Outlander matching up with Starz. They all are styled and produced in differing manners so I can’t say they’re all competing with one another, I don’t watch Reign though because I find CWTV shows all have samiliar formulas with plot lines and castings that undermine anyone over the age of 13’s intelligence.

Outlander is based on the novels written by Diana Galdadon’s of the same name. Wiki says this series is composed of 8 novels as of 2014. Like George R.R.Martin, Diana has also been writing these books since the early 90’s so it has the support from the readers backing the television series as well. They’ve even written a book together. Readers are either your best friend or worst enemy.

The way I see it and understand this belief is that readers have been around their series (serious emotional attachment) years before any studio executive decided to pick up the book for a pilot season, and no one is more loyal to an authors story than a reader. Off the top of my head I’m thinking of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. There’s an american version and a European version. Which is more accurate? The European version because of it’s accuracy to the books, if the american version hadn’t combined/expanded/eliminate/etc. some of the important characters I’m sure they would have received the green light for the sequels as soon as possible. There is talks of a script being written, but I feel like the audience for that is gone. My last critical remark on this topic is the leading actress. Noomi Repace fits Lisbeth Salander’s character amazingly compared to Rooney Mara; from her stature, appearance, to expressing her attitude on the screen, Noomi was how I imagined my Lisbeth Salander from the triology. If you have a free day to marathon this trilogy, set up camp. It’s on Netflix.

This show is definitely has me gunning to the book store to pick up the first of the series. If I’m honest, I’ll wait more than likely till after season 1 finishes because I don’t want to spoil the show for myself… yet. I can hold loyalty to a tv series that’s been adapted from a novel easier if I’ve watch the show without knowing how and whats been deviated from the series. Otherwise I’ll ditch the tv series for just the novel series altogether. I’m just going to watch the show for now (doing multiple re-runs) and  trust that the writers for the show are doing the books justice, and historical accuracy looks to be an important plot to the story but that should all have been taken care of by Diana. For now since I haven’t read the novels yet to form an opinion on the characters I’ll have to try and guess what each person’s trying to emulate.

Claire: I really love how the actress is portraying this character. Claire carries herself in such a self assured way its amazing more female characters aren’t created in this manner and in turn many opportunities for a lead role to be given to a female. It’s also fun to see Claire be presented as a woman with a sexual appetite without it coming across as lewd or shameful, just a natural progression of life. Her medical skills seems to be the one real aspect in her life she’s sure of and have some authority over. Her voice overs discussing her tactics towards survival are fun to hear as well.

Silent determination
Silent determination

Frank/Jack Randall: Looks like Edmure Tully escaped the grasps of Walder Frey. This character is a major reason why I need to read the book. While Frank should be free from guilt of his ancestry’s actions, I feel because its the same actor for both roles it seems like he’s trying to “transcend” some similar traits between the two. So even though I should feel sad for Frank, I kinda dislike him. His behavior is suspect too since his fascination with “Jack Black” looks to me like a distraction for him from his wife… but why?

I'm not the only one to notice
I’m not the only one to notice

James “Jamie” Fraser: How adorable is he? I think this is another character I’ll need to read to better understand his background. He shows tremendous patience towards Claire and a silent determination to survive in an environment that so hostile towards him and his countrymen. A rarity among clansmen of his time frame I’m guessing is how well educated he is, capable of speaking French and Latin (I think), along with his Gaelic and English. His pain tolerance is incredible, there has to be some sort of nerve damage from those lashings!

Excellent Casting
Excellent Casting

Dougal MacKenzie: Does he not look like the bitter younger brother!?!? disregarding his mission for justice for the Scots, he’s quite the jealous character isn’t he? I swear he’s dying to kill his brother and Jamie so he can finally be the true laird of MacKenzie.

He's got a chip on his shoulder
He’s got a chip on his shoulder

Geillis: What is she up to? She is stirring up trouble.

What is she thinking?
What is she thinking?

Photography: King Tut Exhibition Pt.3

Now Entering King Tut’s tomb…

'12 summer new camera 422

'12 summer new camera 423

'12 summer new camera 424

'12 summer new camera 425

'12 summer new camera 426
Entering the “Chamber”… Hi Dad

'12 summer new camera 427

'12 summer new camera 428

'12 summer new camera 430
“What do you see?” “Wonderful things.” not the exact moment those sentiments were spoken, but image reminds of it.

'12 summer new camera 434

'12 summer new camera 436
“Magic Chalice”- Alabaster oil lamp
'12 summer new camera 440
Same couch from the image behind it, resting on top of the cheetah bed

'12 summer new camera 441

'12 summer new camera 442
Golden Leopard Head
'12 summer new camera 444
Alabaster vase or perfume flask
'12 summer new camera 446
The Ankh is a representation of life, so it’s cool to look at this piece and thing life is reaching out for you.

It’s actually an Ankh candle holder. Discovered by the Anubis shrine along with four others in similar fashion, with glyphs’ dictating a spell to “repel the enemy of Osiris in whatever form he may come.”

'12 summer new camera 448
Cartouche box
'12 summer new camera 450
ceremonial jewelry

more still to come…

random update: I’ve noticed some of my featured images and others that I’ve used in previous posts have gone. I did a clear out of my media library, just to de-clutter, and that must caused this issue. I’ll work on fixing this issue over the week. Sorry for the lack luster posts at this time. This will be fixed!