Wet Your Whistle: Hula Grill

This is quite a short blog. School has just started so getting back in the swing of that, along with getting over this cold has made it difficult for me to concentrate. Readers gonna read, ain’ters gonna ain’t.


Hula Grill, located in Outrigger Waikiki Hotel on the second floor, has a great happy hour. Your required to sit in the bar and lounge area so your chances of getting an ocean view aren’t as great but there are a handful of tables that do provide the ocean view. The lanai area is predominately where the dining area is, so if your wallet is not on a budget, take a seat.

Amazing view
Amazing view

The happy hour food menu starts at $5-$12, beer $4, wine $5, tropical drinks $6, and their specialty Mai Tai (which comes in a tiki faced glass) $7. When you take into consideration their location, these prices are great and the food will fill you up. My favourite food item is the fish and chips. The fish isn’t pathetic in size. About 3-4 pieces of thick, moist, perfectly battered pieces and chips too! The burgers are yummy if fish isn’t your protein of choice. If you go on Sunday you’ll hear the live music coming up from Duke’s just below Hula Grill.

The Bar
The Bar

I think what I enjoyed most about this place was the convenience of its location. Any time I was down wandering about Waikiki or just relaxing on the beach, Hula Grill is in easy walking distance. Everything is in easy walking distance when your enjoying yourself. This is a fail safe restaurant, so if I wanted to grab a bite to eat and couldn’t think of any new places I was purposely seeking, Hula Grill would be my choice. Bon Appetit!

Tiki Men for the Mai Tai's
Tiki Faces for the Mai Tai’s
Delicious fish and chips!
Delicious fish and chips!
Just Photoshop yourself there... imagine.
Just Photoshop yourself there… imagine.



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