Barnes and Noble Collectible Edition

I love books.

Hard covers even more, special editions even more than more. Which is why if I have the means to get ones that I’m interested in reading or the cover just blows my socks off I’ll do what I can to get it. Barnes and Noble has an array of classic books leather bounded with beautiful gold filigree and art work on both the cover and inside, the page edges are gold, and there’s the ribbon bookmark! They just reminded me of walking into a home library with vaulted ceilings so book cases would go all the way up the walls and ladders were necessary, and on these cases were stacks of leather bounded books collected over time and chosen with love and care.

Beast’s Library


The library that's beauty and the beats inspiration!
The library that’s beauty and the beats inspiration!

So the one’s I own are pictured below: Arabian Nights, Alice in Wonderland, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and Dracula. I haven’t read the two thicker books because, let’s be honest, its way too intimidating to approach them for any other reason than just admiration. That’s why I read GoT eBook style, just to ease my manic need to read novels quick. For the other three, a ranking of which I enjoyed, most to least, I would say Dracula, Sense & Sensibility, then Pride & Prejudice. I think because for the most part once you read Dracula you can understand why many people say it’s near impossible to make a true adaptation into film for it. The style and sense Bram Stoker places the reader in just make you feel like your literally going through the motions, thoughts, and feelings of the characters. It feels very film noir in the sense that more visual/scenic layout is provided over dialogue. Not to say there isn’t dialogue, just the tone and mood Bram sets you in has a more visceral affect. The book cover for this novel was perfect! I lost my mind in excitement just looking at it.

For Jane Austen’s novel there have been so many adaptations into film, mini-series, or television specials that you could find one that fits your ideal translation from novel to movie. The collectible editions by Barnes and Noble may initially seem like off-putting colour to match them with but it grows on you. The chances off all the books being able to have the same colour with slight change in tone variation is difficult without all the novels from different authors looking like a collection of dictionary tomes, aka the same. Disregarding the looks of the books, they’re both good reads. The style isn’t current so if words are written in a manner you can’t decipher right away just do a quick google or dictionary search and that should clear up any miscomprehension. All of these novels do have sparks notes you can find online, but if you’re reading for leisure instead of a school assignment I would say pass on the sparks.

I have attempted reading Arabian Nights, and have read a few chapters but I had trouble wrapping my head around the logic some of the stories were making. Thought it best I leave it for another attempt at a later time when instead of looking at the book my first thought being “oooo, pretty,” is actually “I wanna read that book.” Arabian and Alice were purely shallow purchases initially because they’re so beautiful to look at and I wanted them on my bookshelf for others to envy. That’s not a bad way either to start a book, just looking at the cover, which is generally speaking the “faux pas.” However if you’ve developed a love for the characters, stories, themes by some other means and want to better understand the plot and you by chance walk by said book looking extra alluring, why not?

These novels I purchased between $15-$22 depending on their sizes.


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