Book Windup: The Intern’s Handbook

Now I found this book in my local Chapters tucked away in the business section and thought the title intriguing enough to buy it despite the $30 price tag on it. I like to stay below 20 if I can help it, hence a lot of YA books. Alas, I looked at purchasing and reading this book as an investment towards bettering my education in the business academia world. I was wrong. Let’s call it a blond moment because I’m fully aware now of all the signs that point it else wise of it being a nonfictional book. (warning: potential spoilers)

Book Cover
Book Cover

I have almost too much faith in the bookstore to have scattered books sorted, and I should have read the inside sleeve and maybe a few pages into the novel as well. This book had nothing to do about business or developing skills to become the desired intern a company may decide to take on as a full time employee. It’s a fictional story about a young man in his mid-twenties who grew up in the foster care system and done time in juvie only to be taken in by an organization whose business is assassinations. These young, vulnerable, no family to miss foster kids are trained and then placed into large corporate businesses staging as interns. This book follows the story of the main character’s final job/year in the organization. Because the only way this organization’s is able to place their assassins in intern roles is because of their youthful appearance.

John Lago is the main character of the novel. He’s HR, Inc. (his organization’s name and fronts as a “placement agency”) best hitman. He’s placed on his last assignment, during his time there he’ll address you the reader on various tricks he’s pick-up during his time as a hitman (i.e. making the perfect cup of coffee), but also the style will switch back so your just the reader instead of participating. During this period at this law firm he’s interning at he develops a relationship with a co-worker, Alice, that will help him gain better access to one of the Law firms partner who’s his target (there’s 3, but only 1 is targeted). Turns out Alice isn’t who John thought she was, HR, Inc. and his boss aren’t who he thought they were, and during all this chaos he finds out who his parents were (they’re alive?). Is John really who he thinks he is?? John takes everything thrown at him with calculated, sarcastic, predatory style attitude which was fun for me to read.

Under 300 pages and an easy language to follow if you have nothing going on for a couple days, it can done on a weekend. I’d give it 7/10 mainly cause it cost $30, I know I shouldn’t punish the book for the price tag it was given and I consequentially agreed to pay for but its my review. So Ha! Anyways, its a good book for all ages depending on how critical one is of their particular choice of literature.

Who wants to be killed by Franco?!?
Who wants to be killed by Franco?!?

Fun Fact: Sony bought the movie rights to this book and Dave Franco is to take on the lead role. I think he’s a good choice, we’ll see how that pans out.


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