Wet Your Whistle: Kona Brewing Company

Remember how I said I would tell you about some more spot along the southeast coast going towards Makapu’u? (Blog: Rise and Shine: Makapu’u) Well this place might distract you from hiking, but don’t let it! Wait. Wait till later in the afternoon, go for happy hour even.

Love Beer? Love Pizza? Love eating on a Marina? Love getting a beautiful sun over the ocean view? If you said yes to anyone of these than Kona Brewing Company will make you very happy and content. Located between Honolulu and Makapu’u in Hawaii Kai in the Koko Marine Center. (sorry that sounded like a contrived info commercial lol)

Entrance to restaurant is kind of in a corner
Entrance to restaurant is kind of in a corner
backside view of restaurant
backside view of restaurant

So a brief history; Started up in the early ’90s by a father and son team on the big island Hawai’i (yes: the state of Hawaii has an island called Hawaii, its fun!). They wanted to introduce a locally based brewery to reflect their image and love of Hawaii. And fun fact, the water mineral levels they use are set to match the water used in Hawaii. The Hawaii Kai location is its second restaurant running after the original in Kona. Oh, just remembered something else; for their bottled beer they give you Hawaiian words with translation on the bottom of the beer caps. They’re not big words, but fun all the same.

There is a beer for every taste bud (I’m between Longboard and Big Wave) and they offer the choice of a sampler (4-5 types) for only $9 I believe. They’re selection is varied from a pale ale to porter to red ale, plus seasonal brews. If you make it for happy hour you can easily be satisfied by their appy and beer prices ($3-$5 approx.). Even if you don’t make it for happy hour prices you’ll still get a good bang for your buck. The pizzas are filling and portion sizes aren’t small (3-4 people for 1 medium pizza will work). If that doesn’t make you loiter around long enough, there’s live music on weekends generally held 6-9. Oh my god!! Close your eyes…. imagine being in Hawaii… on the marine… gentle ocean breeze….sun is setting…. got a nice cold beer…. and there’s live music!

The Originator
The Originator
Logo for Big Wave beer
Logo for Big Wave beer
Like Power Rangers, except Beer
Like Power Rangers, except Beer

Has anyone ever watched the movie musical South Pacific circa 1958? The song called Bali Ha’i? There’s a verse in that song that feels so much what I’m thinking right now;

South Pacific Poster 1958
South Pacific Poster 1958

Bali Ha’i may call you,
Any night, any day,
In your heart, you’ll hear it call you:
“Come away…Come away.”

Bali Ha’i will whisper
On the wind of the sea:
“Here am I, your special island!
Come to me, come to me!”

They felt the Bali Ha'i
They felt the Bali Ha’i

except it’s Hawaii instead.

I’ll link below both the website for Kona Brewery Company and the Bali Ha’i song.


 (Bali Ha’i)

Mountain side view included
Mountain side view included

disclaimer: Again, these pictures I just web searched them so I could help with the visual imagery.


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